Monday, 29 November 2010

Latour quote of the day

This one is really honest. It somehow has given me the impetus to look at the dissertation a novel manner.

"For a French person, saying that facts are constructed is a banality. Relativism is like an infantile disease: for us, who contract it in
our high school philosophy class when we are 18, it is harmless. Yet, when it is transferred to the US, it can infect entire departments of
philosophy and literature." 

  - Bruno Latour, quoted in Nathalie Levisalles, "Le Canular du Profesor Sokal," Liberation, December 3, 1996. Latour also describes
France as a "new Columbia, a land of dealers producing hard drugs ('derridium', 'lacanium') to which graduate students on American
campuses cannot resist any better than crack." Latour, "Y a-t-il une Science apres la Guerre Froide?"

derridium and lacanium are real risible. 

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